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Acme CAD Converter
     Batch converter that allows you to convert DWG DXF DWF to PDF, JPEG, EPS, SVG, CGM, ... and File version converter without the need of AutoCAD.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is it simple to purchase Acme CAD Converter?

A: It is very simple to purchase CAD Converter, the agent SWREG and ShareIt provides its online purchase function; you can receive register code fast by using VISA etc bank credit card to purchase.

2. Q: Where can I obtain the register code?

A: After you purchase the use right of CAD Converter by SWREG or ShareIt, it is (SWREG or ShareIt) not us to directly mail you the register code; if you don’t receive the register code in 48h after paying, you can query SWREG(or ShareIt) directly or contact us.

3. Q: After I receive the register code and input, the computer always displays "Fail To Register", Why?

A: The register code has the distinction of capitalization and small letter; please note the difference of letter "o" and number "0", letter "l"?and number "1"it is better to use "copy" "paste" to input the register code. To avoid any type-in error, we highly recommend you trying to copy and paste the registration code.

4. Q: Is the register code valid to the upgrade version?

A: Of course, our version upgrade is free of charge.

5. Q: Can I get the latest Acme CAD Converter informatation?

A: We will release prompt notice to registered users when we make large upgrade every time.

6. Q: What's meaning of popup message "Acme Cad Converter.exe has been modified ! Please check virus !!!"?

A: When you start the CAD Converter, it will check itself to prevent virus. If CADConverter is modified, it will show the warning message. You can download it from our homepage( again and reinstall it, but before this, you should check your computer and kill the virus.

7. Q: If i convert a dwg file to a jpg file the result is very blocky. Fonts are unreadable even in the highest JPG quality. How can i improve the quality so that everything is readable?

A: If fonts are unreadable, you should enlarge the size of image, not the JPG quality. And you can convert it into Gif format, the image of Gif format is more clear than the JPG format, and the filse size of Gif is smaller than the file size of JPG.

8. Q: How can I set the lines thicker in acme cad converter?

A: You can click the "Pen Width Set..." button in "Print configuration dialog" to set the lines width.

9. Q: When I load a cad file I get many .shx files that seeem to be related to fonts etc that keep popping up. Is there a way to eliminate this?

A: You should set the correct serach path that the shx files locate, when CAD Converter can find the shx file from the search paths, it don't ask you for selecting the shx file.
You can download the latest version, the new version don't ask you for selecting the shx file, but when it can't find the shx file, it can't display the text correctly. So you must set the correct search paths.

10. Q: Can you tell me why your software does not have a selection for me to convert files to version 13 of Autocad?

A: The dwg format of r13 is same as r12.

11. Q: Please advise if it will be possible to save in autocad version 10 format and how I can verify this.

A: You can convert down to DWG version r10 by command line. Because the users like you are very seldom, we don't add this function to desktop interface.You can refer to the help for the detail of command line.

12. Q: I've been trying to work with your software ACME CAD Converter, but every time I open a new file I have to explode all the entities in my drawing, so the info is displayed right . Is there any other EASY way to work around this problem?

A: The 3D graphics are ARX entity, it is a proxy entity, it is need ARX application to display it right in AutoCAD. If ther isn't ARX application, AutoCAD cann't display it too. But Acme CAD Converter don't support ARX application, so it cann't be displayed right in Acme CAD Converter. You can save the dwg file into R12 format by AutoCAD (not by Acme CAD Converter). Acme CAD Converter can display it right if the 3D graphics can be saved into R12 format. And there haven't any easy way to solve the problem.

Non-registered Version are only used to evaluate. If you need to use full functions, please purchase and register.

Welcome you to our website. We hope you enjoy our software, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on ways it might be improved.

Please refer to the help of CAD Converter.

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